Super Hero Life Drawing

Join us for a very special DUNGEON DRAW April 24th

Doors open at 6pm, first model at 7
Pay by donation, proceeds to Yukon Comic Culture

Live models (IN SPANDEX!)

Avengers Infinity War and Deadpool 2 come out this spring, and you just might see the stars of these movies at Dungeon Draw April 24th!

For more updates, join the Dungeon Draw group on Facebook!


Free Comic Book Day 2018

Sat, May 5th 11am to 6pm
Come join us for another fun-filled FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!
(3121 3rd Ave, corner of 3rd and Steele)

Celebrate and discover the amazing world of comic books on Free Comic Book Day! Free Comic Book Day is the day when Titan Gaming gives away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into the store! Choose three comics per person, and with over 30 titles to choose from, there’s a story for everyone to enjoy!

There’s sure to be a SUPER HERO or two hanging around the store, plus 20% OFF STOREWIDE! (all regular priced retail items AND FOOD!)

Magic: Dominaria Pre Release

Return to Magic: The Gathering’s roots as we journey back to Dominaria with prerelease events all day April 21st and 22nd

April 21st:
1 vs. 1 sealed tournament, (6 booster packs): 10 am
1 vs. 1 sealed tournament: 5:30 pm
2 vs. 2 Two-Headed: 5:30 pm

April 22nd:
1 vs. 1 *Youth* sealed tournament: 11 am
1 vs. 1 sealed tournament: 12 pm

All tournaments are $35.00 per player, ($30.00 preregister)


Pre order a booster box (36 packs) and receive a Legendary Firesong and Sunspeaker Creature card, NOT AVAILABLE IN BOOSTERS!!

Bring some friends out for the MAGIC OPEN HOUSE April 15th Free Event! Doors open at 11 am, staff will be available until at least 1:30 to assist in learning the game! Get a free starter deck and a foil Llanowar Elves card just for playing.

*** Younger players may want to try out our Magic Youth League, every Saturday starting at 11apm ***

Dominaria DRAFT PARTY – April 29

The Dominaria Release DRAFT event is here!
April 29th at Noon
$15.00 entry
*** Only $12.00 if you played in a PRERELEASE EVENT April 21st/22nd ***

Receive a foil Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp just for participating!!

New to draft? Everyone is on equal footing, playing all new cards! Open a pack, pick the card you want, and pass the pile to the next player until all the cards have been drafted. Then build the best 40 card deck you can from your card pool!

Rocket League April 29th

April ROCKET LEAGUE Tournament

April 29th, 1 pm start
3 vs. 3 tournament
$15.00 entry

***Players may challenge with smaller teams or be placed on a team!***

Spectate games on the big screen while you wait for the next round, or share a Snorlax Snack Attack appy platter, on special all afternoon!

As with all our events, all ages are welcome!

*** Don’t have a team? Post to the FB event page! https://www.facebook.com/events/925867587595782/***

*** 4 X-Box controllers will be available, bring a PS4 controller if it’s your preference or play mouse/keyboard ***

April’s Avengers Giveaway!!


Avengers: Infinity War SMASHES into theatres this month, and we’re giving you a chance to win HULK, STRONGEST AVENGER THERE IS!!

To enter, go to Facebook, like the contest post, tag a friend, and tell us which Avenger you think they are!

Pokémon TCG Release Tournament May 5

May 5th – Pokémon Sun & Moon Forbidden Light Release Tournament

When: May 5th, 2 pm start
Entry: $35.00
6 pack sealed format, no cards necessary
**Please bring some energy cards if you have them**

We’re just a month away from the next Pokémon TCG release!
Join us May 5th for a 6 pack sealed tournament with all new cards!! Everyone’s on an equal playing field!

Pokémon League is every Saturday at Titan, 2-4pm
All skill levels welcome, or just trade and chat Pokémon!!
Upcoming Pokémon bi-weekly tournaments:

League Of Legends 3 vs. 3 – April 15

Assemble your team of Champions!

One of the most popular arena battle games of all time!!

Come on out and test your mettle Sunday April 15th
First match begins at 1 pm
$15.00 per team ($5.00 per player)

Looking for a third player? Post to the event page on Facebook!!

Crimson Invasion Is Finally Here

The new Pokemon TCG Expansion hits Titan Gaming with a pre-release tournament November 4th

$35.00 entry gets you 6 packs of cards, and every win nets you another Booster Pack!!

2-4pm, all are welcome

***Please bring Energy if you have it, store supplies are limited***