CON IS UPON US! YukomiCon 2017!!

YukomiCon 2017 starts Friday, August 25th and runs through Sunday August 27th.  This is the third-ever YukomiCon, and it’s going to be the best one yet! For three days, Whitehorse will be buzzing, and to help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, we’re showing off the best of Canadian geek and comic culture!

It’s three days packed with as many panels, vendors, workshops, and cosplay  as you can handle – not to mention our line-up of special celebrity guests!

There are lots of announcements to come, so check back often for updates on the line-up, the schedule, and get ready for the geekiest weekend of the year!

Check out the website at the Yukomicon link here:

And make sure you come check out the Titan Gaming booths for great deals all weekend!!



The next Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) expansion, Sun & Moon: Burning Shadows, has arrived!

Join us at Titan Gaming Saturday, August 5th from 2-4pm for the Sealed Tournament!

Sealed events are the most fun you can have playing trading card games.  Everyone starts on an even playing field with 6 packs of cards.  From your pool of new cards, build the best 40 card deck you can and compete against other trainers for bonus packs of cards!

New to Pokemon TCG?  No problem.  We’ll help you build your first deck!!  Pokemon is easy to learn and challenging to master.

Here are a couple of early spoilers from the new set of over 140 cards!

Get here early for more time to build your deck before the games start.  Entry fee is $30.

Hour of Devastation Sealed League

Hour of Devastation Sealed League
Date: Any day/time at Titan starting Friday July 14th
Cost: $10 entry for 3 packs, $5 extra each week for 1 pack
This will be an ongoing Sealed League where at entry you get 3 packs to make a 30 card deck. Each win gets you points towards the top. Each week after the first you can buy a pack at $5 to put towards your sealed pool.
Prizes will be awarded for the player with the most wins, most games played, and for sportsmanship. These players will also have their names immortalized on the sealed league trophy!

Hour of Devastation Draft

Hour of Devastation Draft Weekend Special Event
Date: Friday July 14th
Cost: $15 Entry / $12 Entry if you participated in one of the Hour of Devastation Pre Release Events.  Players will earn a premium foil promo card for their participation at each Draft Weekend event (while supplies last)

The eight gods are determined not to fail this time as they climbed to the top of their highest vantage point and armed themselves for battle. Tensions grew as they witnessed the dragon hovering outside the protection of Hekma. Usually the dragon played the odds when shaping decisions, but to manifest his needs, the dragon would need to be violent in his choices.
Will you be able to overcome the deadly challenges that lay ahead to claim your place in the afterlife?
Players will still earn a premium foil promo card for their participation at each Draft Weekend event (while supplies last)

Hour of Devastion Pre-Release

Hour of Devastiotion Pre-Release! July 8th-9th!
Saturday July 8th 10am Sealed + 5:30pm Sealed, and Sunday July 9th at Noon!
Cost $30 per event pre sign up, $35 on day of event (all sealed events)
The God Pharaoh has returned to claim his perfect zombie army! Unfortunately the honored place in the Afterlife wasn’t everything it was expected to be. Witness Nicol Bolas eternalize his army of the dead as he celebrates his greatest triumph
Magic Prerelease is the first opportunity for players to get their hands on a new Magic set. One week before launch, participating WPN locations host Sealed Deck events with a relaxed, celebratory atmosphere.
Whats in a Prerelease box?
6 Booster Packs of Hour of Devastation
1 Foil Premium Rare date stamped
1 Spindown D20 for counting life
Mini Primer/deck idea sheet

Free Comic Book Day 2017!

Sat, May 6th 11am to 6pm
Come join us for the first FCBD in our new location!
(3121 3rd Ave, beside Java Connection)
Celebrate and discover the amazing world of comic books on Free Comic Book Day! Free Comic Book Day is the day when Titan Gaming gives away comic books absolutely free to anyone who comes into the store! Choose three comics per person, and with over 30 titles to choose from, there’s a story for everyone to enjoy!
ALSO 20% OFF STOREWIDE! (all regular priced retail items)
(there will also be a surprise superhero visit!)

MOBA Night!

Tuesday night will now be MOBA (Multiplayer online Battle Arena) night. League, DOTA, or HOTs, doesn’t matter. With a $5 Member package that gets you 3 hours for the night how can you go wrong? We will be starting with just drop in play and then with enough interest get tournaments going

Week of Feb 6

It’s going to be another exciting week at Titan Gaming Cafe! It’s the last week before GP Vancouver and we have Modern as part of the Game Day on Saturday. We have our hottest new format Murdoch Frontier on Friday. Saturday is going to be a packed house with the aforementioned Game Day taking place downstairs, regularly scheduled Pokemon League on the main floor as well as our good friends at YCCS letting us host their Board Game Drop in.

Board Game Drop-in takes place from Noon to 5 check out the event page on the YCCS Facebook Page or the shared link from our page earlier in the week!

Pokemon League will take place from 2-4pm. No cost, just show up and play! Don’t know how to play but you want to learn? Our wonderful Professor Steve will be here to help! There are great prizes for just getting in games, win or lose. Last Saturday of each month will have a tournament. $5 entry and everbody gets a pack. Additional prizes for finishing higher up in the ranks.

Finally Game Day Aether Revolt takes place on Saturday from Noon to 5ish. The format is modern (remember the most recent bans). $5 Entry, everyone gets a pack and a wonderful playmat for the eventual winner.
Sunday also hosts a Game Day event with Draft starting at Noon. $15 entry. Winner will also receive an awesome champion playmat.
All Game day participants will receive a special full art card for playing as well as the top 8 will get a premium foil full art.

Board Game Drop-in

Join The YCCS and Titan Gaming Cafe on the second Saturday of each month at Titan Gaming and Collectibles to roll dice, shuffle cards, and move meeples! Choose from over 60 games in the YCCS board game library, or bring a game of your own. Groups and individuals of all ages welcome.

Aether Revolt Game Day

Its that time again. Its been a month since set realease! Welcome to Aehter Revolt Game day!
Saturday at Noon we battle in Modern deck! Final slug fest before the GP Vancouver Event. Hone your skills before the event and take home a sweet playmat as the spoils of victory! $5 Entry, everybody gets a pack of Aether Revolt
Sunday at Noon again we go to war in Draft. Come smash your oponents with whatever crazy cards you can pull. $15 Entry.
Hoping to see you all there!