Gamer Open House – Fortnite/Rocket League

Come try two of our most popular games ABSOLUTELY FREE June 30 from 6-8pm.

Fortnite is a massive multiplayer shooter/sandbox game with destructible environments, a wide variety of weapons and traps you can build! Starting in July, Titan will have $5 Fortnite from 6-8 every Tuesday, and monthly LAN tournaments! First tournament, Saturday, June 14th from 4:30-6:30, $5 entry.

Rocket League is a multiplayer soccer style game where you crash cars into a soccer ball (and each other) trying to score goals. Try variant modes like Hockey or Hoops! All ages fun, great for birthday parties! We host monthly 3 vs. 3 tournaments, last Sunday of the month at 1pm.

A limited number of controllers and cords are available. If you want to guarantee using a controller, we suggest you bring an X-Box One or PS4 controller.