Hour of Devastion Pre-Release

Hour of Devastiotion Pre-Release! July 8th-9th!
Saturday July 8th 10am Sealed + 5:30pm Sealed, and Sunday July 9th at Noon!
Cost $30 per event pre sign up, $35 on day of event (all sealed events)
The God Pharaoh has returned to claim his perfect zombie army! Unfortunately the honored place in the Afterlife wasn’t everything it was expected to be. Witness Nicol Bolas eternalize his army of the dead as he celebrates his greatest triumph
Magic Prerelease is the first opportunity for players to get their hands on a new Magic set. One week before launch, participating WPN locations host Sealed Deck events with a relaxed, celebratory atmosphere.
Whats in a Prerelease box?
6 Booster Packs of Hour of Devastation
1 Foil Premium Rare date stamped
1 Spindown D20 for counting life
Mini Primer/deck idea sheet