Magic: Dominaria Pre Release

Return to Magic: The Gathering’s roots as we journey back to Dominaria with prerelease events all day April 21st and 22nd

April 21st:
1 vs. 1 sealed tournament, (6 booster packs): 10 am
1 vs. 1 sealed tournament: 5:30 pm
2 vs. 2 Two-Headed: 5:30 pm

April 22nd:
1 vs. 1 *Youth* sealed tournament: 11 am
1 vs. 1 sealed tournament: 12 pm

All tournaments are $35.00 per player, ($30.00 preregister)


Pre order a booster box (36 packs) and receive a Legendary Firesong and Sunspeaker Creature card, NOT AVAILABLE IN BOOSTERS!!

Bring some friends out for the MAGIC OPEN HOUSE April 15th Free Event! Doors open at 11 am, staff will be available until at least 1:30 to assist in learning the game! Get a free starter deck and a foil Llanowar Elves card just for playing.

*** Younger players may want to try out our Magic Youth League, every Saturday starting at 11apm ***