Magic The Gathering: Dinosaurs vs. Pirates! Yaaarrrr!

Our Magic: The Gathering open house was a big success, with some brand new players being introduced to the game just in time for our IXALAN PRERELEASE event!!

Join us at Titan Gaming for our sealed prerelease tournaments this weekend. Events start at 10am and 5:30pm September 23rd, with one additional tournament Sunday the 24th at noon. Come dressed as a dinosaur or a pirate and we just might have some extra BOOTY for you!!

Sealed events are some of the most fun Magic events to participate in! Each player receives 6 packs, (and a bonus foil rare or mythic rare card!) and makes a 40 card deck on the spot! It’s an even playing field for all, as everyone is getting new cards to brew with. Every game you win gets you another pack, and there are consolation prizes as well. It’s the best Magic value for your hard earned money!

$30.00 pre-registered entry fee, (sign up by Friday) or $35.00 at the door.
Titan Gaming Cafe – Corner of 3rd and Steele