Computers, XBox One, and Parties

    • Computer Party Packages

      Prices are Per Person

    • Alpha Pack


      3 Hours computer time, 1 large slurpee, and a meal from the party menu per guest

      - Add a Dungeon party room rental for food, cake, presents, and privacy.

    • Omega Pack


      2 Hours computer time, plus Large Slurpee

    • Zulu Pack


      Flat per hour rate
      Staff support with computers

    • Computer & Xbox One

    • Members

      1/2 hour: $2.50, 1 hour: $4, 10 hour: $36, 20 hour: $60

    • Non Members

      1/4 hour: $3, 1/2 hour: $5, 1 hour: $7

    • Membership

      $10 per year
    • Theme Parties/Dungeon Rentals


      You and up to 4 friends will experience a daring, dangerous adventure hosted in our Gaming Dungeon! $100 per hour, all materials supplied.

      - Choose from a number of pre-generated characters with their own skills and abilities, and save the kingdom!
      - Games are D&D 5th edition, but no experience is necessary.
      - Story appropriate for younger players.
      - Players save on dice in store during the party.
      - Save by ordering food from the party menu.

      Contact Titan Gaming for more information or to book your part



      The New Titan Gaming Pokémon Trainer Experience!

      $100/hour, facilitated by one of the Titan Pokémon Professors.

      -Find a starter Pokémon
      -Catch Pokémon in the Pokéball Challenge
      -Care for Charizard with "Pin the Flame on the Charizard"
      -Win free cards with the Pokédex "Guess Who/Hangman" quiz
      -Also includes Pokémon mini-coloring book for each guest

      Rent the basement for additional time for food, cake and gifts!
      -Order off the party menu and save!



      Host your event in the heart of downtown Whitehorse in our "Gaming Dungeon"


      Seating for 20+ guests, room can be reconfigured; exclusive use of washrooms
      3 big screens, internet access for music, videos, or presentations
      Use of board games and birthday party supplies

      Food and drink service, fully licensed