Super Smash Bros. Tournament

Time: 11:00AM – 8:00PM.11:00AM – Venue open, friendlies, and bracket registration.
1:00PM – Doubles Tournament – $5 entry fee per team.
4:00PM – Singles Tournament – $5 entry fee per player.
7:00PM – Special Event Bracket (time permitting) – $1 entry fee per player.Please bring a setup (Complete Nintendo Switch) and your own controllers. Masks are required in the playing area at all times.Payout per event: 60/30/10 + PrizesOfficial Tournament Rule set: Genesis format, with the modification that Small Battlefield is legal as a counterpick. Simple rules will be at the tournament and can be explained as needed.

Zendikar Rising Pre Release

Zendikar Rising Pre Release!
1v1 Friday September 18th @ 6pm
2v2 @ headed Spetember 19th @ 1pm
PreRegister $35, or $40 day of eventThere are some differences due to COVID regulations for the next while. Plz note:
1- No touching each others decks, dice etc. Everyone will cut their own decks and only utilize their own dice, counters etc.
2- Capacity will be limited till the Yukon gets in to the next opening stage. Max capacity 28 persons.
3- Tournaments will be mask mandatory. We’ll be having all games in the game dungeon, and since we don’t have space to physical distance every table, and the logistics of sanitizing after each round is difficult. So the only way to safely hold tournaments is to require masks for every player. Mask use is not required on our main floor, (but everyone should still physical distance), but masks will need to be on to be in the basement. We will have masks available to purchase at our cost.
4- No Eating in the tournament zone, this is a given with masks being mandatory in the space. But food can be eaten upstairs at physical distanced tables, that will be sanitized after each use.

Titan Renovation Update!

New and improved! We finished the next stage of our Covid renos! We’re now open for dine in, stop by to check out our changes.
Alpine Builders Yukon knocked this reno out of the park! We were amazed with their creativity, professionalism, and expertise. If you need work done we’d highly recommend them!

Shout out to VSCK Flooring for our killer floors! Great guys, and great work! Get hold of them for your flooring needs!

Cole Pauls Book Signing

Cole Pauls will be at Titan Gaming & Collectibles on October 5th for his book signing and artist talk!
If you haven’t had a chance to read any of Cole Pauls material yet make sure you read his Dakwakada Warriors series.
Dakwakada Warriors is a story of indigenous protectors that utilize language revitalization to protect the Earth from evil pioneers and cyborg sasquaches! It is an incredible allegory of colonization in an accessible format, a must read.

Throne of Eldraine

Pre Release Dates: Sept 27th, 28th, 29th
Pre Register $35 – ($40 Entry on day of event)
– Friday 27th 1v1 @ 6pm
– Saturday 28th 1v1 @ 11am
– Saturday 28th 2v2 Two Headed @ 5:30pm
– Sunday 29th DRAFT @ Noon ($15 Entry)
Sealed Contents:
6 Throne of Eldraine Boosters
1 foil promo-stamped rare or mythic rare from Throne of Eldraine
1 Spindown life counter

Welcome to Eldraine—a storybook land of castles and cauldrons, of chivalrous knights and trickster faeries. But like the devious creatures and beguiling magic that lurk among the shadows, this world is not all that it seems. Join the five courts of the Realm on an epic adventure for honor and glory, or venture a darker path into the mysterious Wilds. Which path will you choose?

Magic Core 2020 Pre Release

Core 2020 Pre Release Weekend!

*New London Mulligan Rule in Place*

$35 Pre Register Entry, $40 Entry on day of event.
4 Separate Events!
Friday July 5th 1v1 @ 5pm
Saturday July 6th 1v1 @ 10am Saturday July 6th 2v2 two headed event @ 5:30pm
Sunday July 7th Draft Event @ Noon
Each Pre Release kit includes 6 Core 2020 booster packs and a Premium Date Stamped Mythic or Rare.

Planeswalker Weekend: War of the Spark

Sunday, May 26th from 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Draft Format – $15 Entry
This means that players will be able to play every Planeswalker they open, regardless of the color(s) of their deck*
Planeswalker Weekend will be supported by the largest event kit of all time!
The Championship Playmat will be awarded to one lucky winner!
Promo cards, posters, stickers and alternate art promo cards will also be given throughout the evening!

Titan Weekly Events and TOURNAMENTS!!

Warhammer/Kill Team every Thursday beginning at 4 pm! Future tournament TBA. Free! Play some games, paint minis, chat with other Warhammer enthusiasts!! Remember, all Warhammer is 10% off at Titan Gaming!!



Get in on our 2 vs. 2 tournaments every Saturday @ 5pm.  Just $5 gets you 2 hours of FORTNITE, with prizes for top scoring teams!  Don’t forget to bring a partner! (We can pair you if necessary.)

Tournaments every Saturday, $5 per player

Constructed format Pokémon tournaments are every Saturday at Titan Gaming beginning at 2pm, with the exception of the first Saturday which is casual play/trade day. 

Magic at Titan Gaming: Tournaments every week!

Standard, Draft, Modern, Brawl, Commander, and Sealed League formats every week! Titan Gaming is your Magic destination. See event calendar for dates and times, or just swing on by!! Next expansion: War of the Spark at the end of April.