Week of Feb 6

It’s going to be another exciting week at Titan Gaming Cafe! It’s the last week before GP Vancouver and we have Modern as part of the Game Day on Saturday. We have our hottest new format Murdoch Frontier on Friday. Saturday is going to be a packed house with the aforementioned Game Day taking place downstairs, regularly scheduled Pokemon League on the main floor as well as our good friends at YCCS letting us host their Board Game Drop in.

Board Game Drop-in takes place from Noon to 5 check out the event page on the YCCS Facebook Page or the shared link from our page earlier in the week!

Pokemon League will take place from 2-4pm. No cost, just show up and play! Don’t know how to play but you want to learn? Our wonderful Professor Steve will be here to help! There are great prizes for just getting in games, win or lose. Last Saturday of each month will have a tournament. $5 entry and everbody gets a pack. Additional prizes for finishing higher up in the ranks.

Finally Game Day Aether Revolt takes place on Saturday from Noon to 5ish. The format is modern (remember the most recent bans). $5 Entry, everyone gets a pack and a wonderful playmat for the eventual winner.
Sunday also hosts a Game Day event with Draft starting at Noon. $15 entry. Winner will also receive an awesome champion playmat.
All Game day participants will receive a special full art card for playing as well as the top 8 will get a premium foil full art.

Board Game Drop-in

Join The YCCS and Titan Gaming Cafe on the second Saturday of each month at Titan Gaming and Collectibles to roll dice, shuffle cards, and move meeples! Choose from over 60 games in the YCCS board game library, or bring a game of your own. Groups and individuals of all ages welcome.

Aether Revolt Game Day

Its that time again. Its been a month since set realease! Welcome to Aehter Revolt Game day!
Saturday at Noon we battle in Modern deck! Final slug fest before the GP Vancouver Event. Hone your skills before the event and take home a sweet playmat as the spoils of victory! $5 Entry, everybody gets a pack of Aether Revolt
Sunday at Noon again we go to war in Draft. Come smash your oponents with whatever crazy cards you can pull. $15 Entry.
Hoping to see you all there!

Pokemon League is Back!

Dont forget folks that EVERY Saturday is Pokemon League! From 2-4pm come test your might against other Trainers. Earn prizes just by playing and make new friendships.
The last Saturday of each month there is also a tournament, $5 entry, everybody gets a booster pack. Prizes to the top finishers!

Aether Revolt Prerelease

Only 5 more days until Aether Revolt Prerelease. This will be the first big magic event in the new store location! Come check out the new place, play the new set, and win prizes! Each win you achieve in an event gets you a pack of the brand new Aether Revolt but nobody goes home empty handed. Remember to come in and sign up ahead of time. Each sealed event you will receive a Aether Revolt prerelease pack.
Prerelease packs contain:
4 Aether Revolt booster packs
2 Kaladesh booster packs
Randomized date-stamped premium promo card
Spindown life counter
Renegade sticker
Insert with deck-building advice

Saturday at 10 AM we will be doing the first sealed event. $30 ahead of time or $35 on the day of.
Saturday Night will be for the first time in Titans history a draft during the prerelease. Event will begin at 5:30 PM, $15 entry no matter when you sign up.
Sunday morning we get back at it at Noon for another sealed pool. $30 ahead of time or $35 on the day of.
For anyone who is interested in what goes on at a prerelease or hasn’t played one before check out this helpful link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27mnxePcPYo

Pokemon League is Back!

The Pokemon League returns to Titan Gaming!
Every Saturday from 2pm-4pm
Win? Lose? Earn prizes either way
Last Saturday of the month we will host a tournament
$5 entry per person and everyone gets a booster
Prizes and promos for top players!

Aether Revolt Pre-Release

The Kaladesh Inventors’ Fair, a celebration of innovation and ingenuity, was a ruse.

For decades, Kaladesh was in the throes of an inventors’ renaissance. The governing Consulate fostered innovation and optimism. But then, at the pinnacle of this era of creativity, the Consulate cracked down, confiscating inventions and detaining many genius inventors.

The Consulate claims their actions were for the safety of the citizens, but it has become apparent that the Planeswalker Tezzeret looms behind much of the aggression. A divide is forming between the Consulate and the inventors. Where once there was a shared spirit of innovation, now there is discontent and revolt. The renegades are rising…

 Come join us in out Aether Revolt Pre-Release.  Saturday and Sunday come battle in sealed and draft events to win packs of the brand new set!  Every player receives a pre-release pack containing:
  • 4 Aether Revolt booster packs
  • 2 Kaladesh booster packs
  • Randomized date-stamped premium promo card
  • Spindown life counter
  • Renegade sticker
  • Insert with deck-building advice

All events will cost $30 if you sign up before the event or $35 on the day of the event

Saturday Sealed: 10 AM
Saturday Darft: 5:30 PM
Sunday Sealed: Noon

Winner gets their picture immortalized in the Titans slide show and the bragging rights to say you came out on top.  Every win gets you a pack, and nobody goes home empty handed.
Looking forwards to seeing all of you out there!

Holiday Hours

As promised Titan’s Holiday hours. Make sure to hit us up over the holidays for your last minute holiday shopping. We will have some great sales on Boxing Day as well.
From the staff at Titans: Have a happy holidays, stay safe and warm!

Titan new location: Phase 1 open friday, Nov 18th

Titan’s phase 1 soft opening is Friday Nov 18th! Its been quite the wait getting the new location open, come in and see how the new place looks! We’re now at 3121 3rd Ave, on the corner of 3rd and Steele (old Dave’s Trophy location). Phase 2 (computers, new tables & chairs) is about 2 weeks away. Phase 3 (gaming dungeon!) is about 3 weeks away.20161118_214831

Massive Moving Sale!

cropped-Titan-Logo.jpgWe are moving to our new location at 3121 3rd Ave. Leading up to our move starting this Sunday we are offering deals on a bunch of products in store.  This week is 25% off Graphic novels, manga, and board games.  This also stacks with our already clearance priced items.  Great deals for you, less things we have to move locations with.
We will be closed for approximately a week starting this Sunday the 30th and attempting to be back up in operation for the 8th of November.