Magic: Eldritch Moon PreRelease Weekend


Note that we are doing 2 PreReleases on the Sat, and 1 on the Sunday.

Sat, July 16th @10am Sealed $30 PreRegister, $35 that day
Sat, July 16th @5:30pm 2-Headed Sealed, $30 Pre, $35 that day (per person)
Sun, July 17th @noon Sealed $30 PreRegister, $35 that day

Eldritch Moon continues where Shadows over Innistrad left off. It expands its horror theme into Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror. The expansion symbol of the set stylized silhouette of Emrakul, but also resembles Liana’s crown.

Madness, Transform, and Delirium are carried over from the previous set. Creatures that transform in colorless Eldrazi have a Eldritch moon symbol indicator for the front side and an Emrakul symbol indicator for the back side, showing this creature has joined Emrakul’s brood. This is symbolizing one transformation step further from that shown in Innistrad, Dark Ascension, and Shadows over Innistrad, where cards transformed from Sun symbol.jpg on their front sides to Moon symbol on their back sides.

There are three new named mechanics:

Meld, a keyword action that changes the card with meld and a specific other card into one oversized card. That single card only exists on the backs of the two other cards. Whenever the melded card leaves the battlefield, both cards go, and they each turn front face up again.
Emerge [cost] (You may cast this spell by sacrificing a creature and paying the emerge cost reduced by that creature’s converted mana cost).
Escalate, a keyword ability appearing on modal instants and sorceries. By paying the escalate cost, additional modes may be activated.