MKIII Warmachine/Hordes Release Tournament



The release of MK III is June 29 and as a celebration we will be hosting an event. Players will use the models from one of the new Battleboxes for the Tournament.

$5 entry which the store will match towards the prize pool. The first 9 to sign up will recive a special kit that comes with a dry erase marker, glue, sleeves for your cards, and an assembly guide.

Boxes will be available the week before for pickup so you can assemble and maybe paint.

We will be using the steamroller 2016 Package and be playing RUMBLE scenerios. Open, assembe, and maybe even paint your battle box (should be in Wednesday the 29th). And bring your models to the event. We will play 3-4 rounds depending on attendance. Feel free to play extra games after as well.
40 Minute Rouds with 3 Min turns. Dice down at the 409 min mark. NO DEATHCLOCK.