Zendikar Rising Pre Release

Zendikar Rising Pre Release!
1v1 Friday September 18th @ 6pm
2v2 @ headed Spetember 19th @ 1pm
PreRegister $35, or $40 day of eventThere are some differences due to COVID regulations for the next while. Plz note:
1- No touching each others decks, dice etc. Everyone will cut their own decks and only utilize their own dice, counters etc.
2- Capacity will be limited till the Yukon gets in to the next opening stage. Max capacity 28 persons.
3- Tournaments will be mask mandatory. We’ll be having all games in the game dungeon, and since we don’t have space to physical distance every table, and the logistics of sanitizing after each round is difficult. So the only way to safely hold tournaments is to require masks for every player. Mask use is not required on our main floor, (but everyone should still physical distance), but masks will need to be on to be in the basement. We will have masks available to purchase at our cost.
4- No Eating in the tournament zone, this is a given with masks being mandatory in the space. But food can be eaten upstairs at physical distanced tables, that will be sanitized after each use.