Pokemon: XY Steam Siege PreRelease


XY Steam Siege PreRelease!
Sunday, July 24th noon-4pm. $35 entry fee

We’ve moved to an earlier start time to hopefully help the numbers! Spread the word! Be fun for the community to get together and play!

This is a sealed format tournament that will consist of 3 – 20 minute rounds, swiss style.
Each participant will be given 4 XY- Steam Siege booster packs and a 22 card evolution pack – featuring key cards from current and prior sets to build a deck of 40 cards. (Energies will be provided for you)
Deck construction time may vary from 20-30 minutes.
The standard 6 prize cards is reduced to 4 in this format.

Prizes will be one pack of Steam Siege per win. Everyone wins at least one pack!